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14.09.08 07:56:35 pm
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• To make everything easier, you should download WinRAR, WinZIP or IZarc for extracting before downloading CS2D ( Counter-Strike 2D ).

• WinRAR is recommended while it is a small download size and can extract many types of files including .ZIP and .RAR files.

• Download links are located below.

1. WinRAR ( Click )
2. WinZIP ( Click )
3. IZarc ( Click )

Counter-Strike 2D:

• If you do not know where to download CS2D ( Counter-Strike 2D ) you can find a download at the website given below.

• http://www.cs2d.com/download

1. Download CS2D ( Counter-Strike 2D ).
2. Create a folder on your desktop named CS2D.
3. Move cs2d_0109.zip to the folder named CS2D on desktop.
4. Open your CS2D folder on your desktop.
5. Right click on cs2d_0109.zip icon.
6. Find "Extract Here" in the menu box and click.
7. Close the CS2D folder.

• Once you have done all the steps above, there should be a lot of folders, icons and text documents in your CS2D folder on the desktop that you have created once you open it.


1. Open CS2D folder that is located on your desktop.
2. Find CounterStrike2D.exe in the folder.
3. Double-click CounterStrike2D.exe.

• Once you have done the three steps above, the game should open and you should be on the main screen of CS2D ( Counter-Strike 2D ).


1. Go to Options.
2. Click in the name box where it says "Player".
3. Type your name that you use in the box.
4. Choose a spray by clicking on the spray box.
5. Choose a color for your spray.
6. Close the Options menu.

• You may also go through the Tabs located at the top of the Options menu and pick the settings you like to make the game look and play best for you.


1. Click on "Find Server".
2. Take a look at all the servers.
3. Pick one that you may find to like.
4. Double-click on the server name.
5. Pick a team, Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists.
6. Choose your players' skin.

• Once you have completed those steps, you should be in the game and spectating until the next round or you might already be spawned. From there you can push the -B- key to buy your equipment and weapons. You can learn how to play the game by clicking on -Help- when you are located at the main CS2D ( Counter-Strike 2D ) screen.

• I hope that my tutorial helped. Good luck with CS2D ( Counter-Strike 2D )!

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