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old [Less-HD] RPK Machine Gun + 3 Sound Files

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[Less-HD] RPK Machine Gun
"My first attempt HD version to make machine guns"
Of course with 3 sound files..

So, dont be soo meanie to me!


Time Taken:
1 hour 26 minutes.. (Excluding time needed for the render)

: A lot of useful tips and guide to help me make or remake stuff!


You are allowed to:
√Edit it!
√Upload it with my premission!
√Suggest something!
√Do I really need to type all of them?

You're not allowed to:
×Steal it!
×Saying that this is yours!
×Upload it somewhere without my premission!
×Revenge rating!
×Dont compare other skin with mine!


kthxbai, cya around!
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113 kb, 576 Downloads


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Not HD but still useful. And there is only 2 sprites of RPK at unrealsoftware which I could find.
I like it!


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wow I got credited But yea this one is well made as well. The shape for the stock & fore grip could e improved but over all are good. My main issue is with the bipod which honestly could be batter.

Oh & btw its a RPK-"47" The standard uses 75 round drums but they can use any type of AK-47 drum including 60, 100, 180 dual drum, & a massive Bulgarian 400 round drum can also be fitted.

The majority of RPKs use the stocks shown here.
This stock is ok since some RPK47s can & do use the AK style stocks.
I like it!


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really you are Best HD skin maker
I like it!


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This is very good. But make vertical magazine shade.
I like it!
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