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us Introduction

In the world of gaming, the debate over frame rates has raged for years. Gamers, developers, and hardware manufacturers have long discussed the merits of higher frame rates in 3D games. However, when it comes to 2D video games, the discussion often takes a back seat.

° For 20 years now, so far no one has released a FPS unlocker for CS2D, and the game devs unfortunately haven't been able to do much. So I saw this as an opportunity to support the community, and give some of the love back to the game & community that it gave it to me when I was just a kid. These days, everyone has modern devices and everyone wants to play video games that are smooth with a lot of FPS.

Does uncapping FPS even matter in a 2D game like CS2D? Do we even need it?

The primary reason to remove a 60 FPS limit is the level of fluidity and responsiveness it offers. 2D games are known for their simplicity and elegance, and uncapping the frame rate can enhance this quality. In a game like CS2D without a 60 FPS cap, animations and movements become buttery-smooth, creating a visually pleasing and highly responsive experience; Improving the experience for the players especially the competitive players.

The absence of a frame rate limit means that players with high-refresh-rate monitors can fully utilize their hardware, resulting in a gameplay experience that feels incredibly natural and seamless.

Unlike 3D games, CS2D is less demanding and doesn't require substantial hardware resources to reach higher frame rates. This means that even lower-end or older systems can take full advantage of the increased frame rate, resulting in visually enhanced graphics and faster responsiveness.

∗ In the world of competitive gaming, every fraction of a second matters. Uncapped frame rates can give players a significant advantage in fast-paced, competitive environments. The increased frame rate reduces input lag, and render latency, ensuring that player actions are reflected on the screen with minimal delay. This is important where precise timing and execution are crucial.

Removing the 60 FPS limit also allows professional gamers to maximize the potential of their high-end gaming setups, providing a more level playing field for everyone involved in competitive gaming.


The absence of a 60 FPS limit offers numerous advantages, including increased fluidity, enhanced visuals, improved responsiveness, and a competitive edge. While 60 FPS has been a long-standing standard in CS2D, It doesn't mean it can't benefit from the flexibility and smoothness that comes with uncapped frame rates.

> This approach maximizes the gaming experience for players

• What is this?
- This is modified binaries of CS2D version p2 without the FPS lock.

• Installation
- Download the provided ZIP, and extract the files to your CS2D folder.

• How to use
- If your monitor supports less than 120 HZ refresh rate (e.g: 60 hz) then I'd recommend using the ranu_CS2D[120FPS].exe file. Simply open it instead of the original CS2D.exe file.

Anyone can still benefit from it, even those that don't have monitors that support 120 hz refresh rate. Some of the benefits:
> Reduced input latency
> Reduced render latency
> Faster / Better game responsiveness
> Smoother experience


However, If you have a monitor that supports over 120 hz refresh rate, then I'd recommend using the ranu_CS2D[UNLOCKED_FPS].exe file BUT you're not done yet. Since this version does not have a FPS limit it means it will use the FULL power of your CPU.
flame This can result in your CPU overheating & excessive battery and energy use.

So you need to use a third-party FPS limiter to limit CS2D FPS Unlocked patch everytime you play it. If you have NVIDIA GPU then you can simply use the Nvidia Control Panel and force turn on V-Sync there for the ranu_CS2D[UNLOCKED_FPS].exe executable file or force a FPS limit on it. This approach doesn't even require you to do it everytime, just once and you're good!

√ You won't be banned for using this! It doesn't get detected by CS2D basic anticheat as a cheat and doesn't lead to ban.

Executable files SHA256 Information


ranu_CS2D[UNLOCKED_FPS].exe: d655ef0228b1b5c18b5f026d73b73072b79cee74d8f1ff45aaa8296159e32e54

ranu_CS2D[120FPS].exe: 9bfc80e5f722299111e7926ead9cdf5115f5e7dcafb1e52bb8e09637e3543abc


180 FPS/TPS lock for cs2d dedicated server

How to verify the files yourself to make sure they're safe, they're not VIRUS or malware?
You can use something like a Hex Editor and compare the files to the original CS2D.exe and see that only a few bytes have been changed (FLOATS & STRINGS)

Some Information:
• In CS2D, DirectX is way faster than OpenGL in average this is especially due to the way OpenGL rendering has been programmed poorly & badly. So I recommend using DirectX instead of OpenGL for less render latency (ONLY IF YOUR DEVICE SUPPORTS DIRECTX WELL)

• You can benefit from Windows Fullscreen Optimizations for less render latency, it is enabled as default and I wouldn't recommend disabling it. However, It can cause issues with minimizing/maximizing the game.

• Avoid Using the VSync implemented into CS2D as it is quite broken and don't use OpenGL if you can.

cookies You can benefit from at least 15 ms lower render latency from the FPS unlocker! And This is a SIGNIFICANT difference especially for gamers. There are people literally buying a whole new expensive monitor just to benefit from something like that


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3.66 mb, 70 Downloads


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- Changelog 2/21/2024 -

The Unlimited FPS client has been removed, but the 120 FPS lock client stays.
180 FPS/TPS lock for CS2D dedicated server has been added.

@user SQ: This will not get you banned, and won't be detected as a cheat. Will not make weapons faster or anything. If there is any issue, anyone can comment here, and I'll happily fix the issue and re-upload the file. Over 10 players have been using this for over 6 months, and so far no issue has been reported. Feel free to try it yourself, if you have doubts.


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Don't care what others said, it's just cool
I like it!


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This shouldn't be approved.
It's probably running game ticks faster rather than just visual FPS. sending way more packets than server expects.
In this manner makes executable recognized as cheat at least for official servers.

This solution definitely can be used for competitive matches when dedicated server also uses this modification.

FPS Unlock is already implemented in the game.
It's just hidden/disabled for security reasons - the game was not designed for it.
Having this enabled is same as cheating. (for example: your weapon shooting faster)

@user mrc: Technically people could get game banned for doing this.
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Do you even know that CS2D servers have 60 TPS? Your application won't provide any benefit - only visuals.


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It's working perfectly well, congratulations on your effort. I'm using the unlimited FPS version and setting my own limit with a third-party tool (RivaTuner).
I like it!
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@user Mami Tomoe: I created this after seeing so many people asking for FPS unlocker for years, and recently more than ever. Even a few of the newcomers said they were going to leave the game if there was no FPS unlocker.

You don't really need source code, not much have been modified. This is a modified binary of the original CS2D.exe binary. You can easily compare the files with a HEX editor and verify it yourself


Mami Tomoe
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I didn't see a sign of approval from @user DC regarding this.
I also don't trust executables made by non reputable sources.
I trust them even less when there's no source code available.

But assuming we live in a perfect world where this is legit and @user DC approved of this... I do like the idea of having more FPS...
But for now, I am content with my 60 FPS.
I don't really see a point for a casual player to go through all the hassle of using a custom client and whatnot just to remove that cap.

I salute your effort, but I don't think it's what we need.
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