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I made this map for expanded version and I talked maker "Qater".
He said you can do it without destroying the original and
and I showed you later "expanded_version" he liked. allowed me to post.

This map is bigger and made more fun for survivors.
When you complete certain tasks on the map, different things await you.
Also if you find hidden buttons you can open some places

"Added 9 chapters and 2 missions inside the map"

NEW Areas
NEW Updated Items
NEW Functions
NEW Bunkers
NEW Zombie Roads
NEW Zombie Guns and Bombs
NEW Options(5 Second only new items)

Good games, İyi Oyunlar , SonicStar

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323 kb, 80 Downloads


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Thanks bro, ı am glad you like it.


alican mert
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This is a first time that I give my opinion after review back my nostalgic game, i had already the opportunity to see and play this map before developed from a structure already created by the original mapper of this map and successfully re-developped which gives different missions to resist against the zombies. i like it
I like it!
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