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Mami Tomoe
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Before everything:
This is NOT HC 2.0.
This update is NOT made by user Happy Camper.

The original file: file cs2d HC Admin Script 1.9.3 (226)

I've sent an E-Mail to user Happy Camper about permissions to upload this file, if he ever responds negatively; I will take this file down, or ask someone else to do so.


And now, this file:

Changelog has written:
1.9.4 2020-02-06
Bugs Fixed:
* Internal login ID management issues.

1.9.4 2020-11-29
Bugs Fixed:
* Wall menu command permissions were not placed in the configuration file.

1.9.4 2019-12-07
New Features:
* Now supports STEAM saves, users and bans.
* Now supports 16:9 resolutions.
* Clock and map vote resized.
* Compressed server transfer files.

Bugs Fixed:
* Clock no longer hides in-game HUD elements.
* Map vote no longer hides the chat box.
* Editor no longer hides when the player is dead.

I didn't completely test this, so if anything is wrong tell me about it through a private message.

But don't ask me to make scripts for you, you will be ignored.

Again, I did NOT make the original HC script I just updated it for the people who need this update.

29/11/2020 - Wall menu command now uses the main config file to evaluate permissions, rather than the module itself.
07/12/2020 - The function
will have proper outputs under all circumstances (unless login is
> String containing the login number.
> String containing the number 0, if no login is found.
01/03/2021 - Fixed
's identify menu.
25/03/2021 - Fixed player names that started with
disabled menu buttons.
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