English free 3DBuzz classes (bcs it closed)

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3DBuzz closed and they left all their material (classes, tutorials, videos) for free at https://www.3dbuzz.com/
user Waldin (2014) has written:
can be create 3D option for tiles on 3D
user DC (2014) has written:
@user Waldin: This is a 2D game. there are no 3D tiles.
changelog (2017) has written:
ADDED Experimental 3D rendering mode
09.01.20 04:48:06 am
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<kode54> oh god
<kode54> all those 3DBuzz tutorials are stuffed in a B2 bucket, that's gonna cost them a pretty penny for every download
<nicolas17> kode54: at least it's not AWS S3
<kode54> true, that costs more

If this is correct, I'd suggest you all to wait and later download one of the archives shared by people.
The last thing the generous owner needs is thousands of dollars in AWS traffic cost.
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