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09.06.19 01:42:56 pm
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I made a map, in which i loaded some sprites from "env_sprite", But there are specific problems I face

1. Sprites are not affected by Lighting commands as "env_room", unless "Sprites covers pl." property is unchecked

2. Can't find a way to make sprite unwalkable, unless i make the tiles an obstacle or a wall, which i don't have any problems with, but it messes with "Sprites covers pl." property that is unchecked due to lighting issues, in a way that makes tiles overlap that sprites as a result.
09.06.19 10:26:01 pm
Id like to help you mate, but it seems you posted problem
Spoiler >
and solution to your problem
Spoiler >
, so for what exactly do you need help?

If i understand correctly from this
Spoiler >
maybe you want to resize your sprite just a bit so tiles dont mess up with your sprite, eh...?
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