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25.10.21 09:09:58 pm
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Hi this is just a hat script so I don't have much to say......

• Good to use the hats press [F4] if you want you can change the √ key you can modify it the way you want....

> well sometimes there are more bugs to solve press F4 again and choose until the hat you want appears....

us @user thx: he wrote the script and some hats are his
us @user Mami Tomoe: owner of hats
us @user erro404:
I put more hats and pictures of me
x This file has been reviewed and declined by SQ (25.10.21 10:39:10 pm)
There are already files in the archive which have a similar content. Please create files which are more different from existing ones. Use the description to explain us the advantages of your version.


1 comment
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25.10.21 09:47:17 pm
Mami Tomoe
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