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Inspired by the Garry's Mod game mode of the same name.

The Murder game mode simulates a real life crime situation. Players assume one of three roles - one player becomes the Murderer, one becomes the Armed Bystander, and the rest become innocent Bystanders.

This information is also available in the enclosed readme file in greater detail.

> General gameplay

The round begins with all players blinded and frozen for 10 seconds. All players' names are obscured - they each receive a random colour and a name consisting of two random NATO phonetic alphabet letter names (e.g. Tango Uniform or Charlie X-ray). New names and colours are generated each round.

> Roles

The Murderer
The goal of the murderer is to kill all bystanders. The murderer gets a knife, which can be either used to stab players with or thrown by pressing right mouse button. The knife's maximum flying distance is 4 tiles, and it can ricochet off walls. A hit with the knife is an instant kill.

If the murderer doesn't kill within one minute, their evil presence will start showing. In-game that appears as a black smoke emanating from the player. The timer is reset back to 60 seconds if the murderer kills a bystander.

The murderer can also disguise as another dead player by walking over their corpse and pressing the use key. This will make the murderer assume the colour and name of that dead player. The corpse does not disappear, which is how bystanders can deduce that the murderer is disguised. The murderer cannot drop their disguise; they can only disguise as another player. The disguise action costs 1 loot.

The Armed Bystander
The armed bystander's goal is to kill the murderer. The armed bystander receives a revolver with one shot in the clip and 5 bullets extra. When the armed bystander is killed, the revolver is dropped and any bystander can pick it up. A hit with a revolver bullet is an instant kill.

The armed bystander CAN kill other innocent bystanders. Doing so will blind the armed bystander for 10 seconds and make them drop the gun. For the duration of the blindness, the player cannot pick up the revolver - other bystanders, however, can.

WARNING: Do not reload the revolver manually! Due to CS2D limitations, manually reloading the revolver will use up the extra bullets until none are left.

The Bystander
The bystanders cannot actively hunt the murderer - as such, their primary role is to avoid getting killed. They can still contribute by finding corpses and trying to find the murderer by calling out suspicious behaviour.

Any bystander can arm themselves by picking up a dropped revolver or by collecting 5 loot.

> Loot

Every 15 seconds, loot will randomly spawn at a random position on the map until the amount of loot on the map reaches 15. Be wary that it can spawn in blocked off areas of the map.

Any player can pick up loot. For the murderer, it is used in order to disguise as other players, whereas bystanders can collect 5 loot to receive a revolver. If a player already has a weapon, collecting 5 loot replenishes their ammo supply back to 1 in the clip and 5 extra.

The amount of loot collected by a player is displayed as score on the scoreboard. Killing a player will NOT make them drop their loot.

> Installation

Copy the gfx, sfx and sys folders to your CS2D folder. The archive includes a servertransfer.lst file - you will either have to replace or merge its contents with your existing file.

If you have server.lua or another Lua file as your mp_luaserver, add this line:

Alternatively, you can specify murder.lua as the value of mp_luaserver.

Please report any bugs you may find, and feel free to make suggestions - even though this mod is a reproduction of the Garry's Mod game mode, I am open to any ideas that might improve it.
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02.06.14 11:28:45 am
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Indeed, Murder is somewhat similar to TTT, but different in a number of key aspects. Besides, TTT is already being developed by Livia, so I decided to make Murder instead.

@user XoOt: I intend to host a server with this game mode running. When I do I'll edit the description and post a comment.
02.06.14 11:25:00 am
like I like it!
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Looks cool. Unfortunately, not many people will get how to play this..
02.06.14 11:18:17 am
like I like it!
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Agree with XoOt. Reminds me at Livia's TTT (which also is based on GMOD).
02.06.14 11:13:46 am
like I like it!
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Third > : (
02.06.14 11:12:48 am
like I like it!
Super User
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reminds me a little at "trouble in terrorist town"
but i hope it will be hosted to test it
02.06.14 11:11:14 am
like I like it!
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Change hudtxt colour pls.

Also "He was [name]" - Use it was or they were (if more).

Rest is fine, gg.
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